Art Gala Fund Raiser for Vega

Vega is named after one of the brightest stars in our night sky, so in her honor, the Gala is themed: Wisdom of a Starry Night, a Welcome to An Evening Wonderland. Dress code is cocktail attire in colors of Blue, Gold, Silver & Black.

Sparkles, Sequins & Metallics are highly encouraged as we give honor to the turning of the season from Summer to Fall in our Grand Energy Enhancement Sanctuary right on the Housatonic River!

Giving to others looks & feels good here at The Fountain in New Milford CT.

View our event video here

Organic Local Food

Crafted by Emily and a NYC chef and food lover using highest quality, local season ingredients, V & GF options in an abundance

World Class Art Expo

Chase Hanna will be show casing a variety of hand made pieces, including hanging ceiling lights, at all price ranges available for purchase, in addition to custom, one of a kind options. Silent Auction on a one of a kind piece. 20% of all art sales go to our fundraiser to purchase the EEQube.

You can have gifts, that express how uniquely you see your special loved ones this season!

We will have a big Grand Finale to the evening, with an interactive light show where Chase synchronizes all the art on display to put on a spectacular visual delight!

Live Performing Artists

Live Arial and Silk performances by our beautiful local ladies from J. Rouge Fitness right here in New Milford CT. Be ready to see stars in the sky!

Meet The Family

Vega is an adorable little girl who was born with Cerebral Palsy,

and limited eye sight.

Through her Mother's (Natalie) loving, unlimited efforts to heal Vega with a more holistic approach,

Vega has been responding very well and is having results that the conventional medical community says aren't normally 'possible'.

However, when we study quantum physics, we know that there is a greater possibility to heal ourselves at the subatomic (atom & cellular energy level) and for everyone to be healthy & whole in this life.

Natalie, Stella & little Vega thank you!

Our Mission At The Fountain

We feel truly blessed to be able to pull together our collective resources and abundance and to gift this life-enhancing technology to Natalie, as she continue's the noteworthy progress she is making in Vega's physical body.

Your donations of & over $250 will earn you 50% off your next EESystem session at The Fountain. This special offer can be used on a single appointment, for any amount of time for a single reservation, including one overnight. Details will be in an email post donation.

At the Fountain, we believe that everyone has the ability to be healthy and live a life of Divine Alignment. It is our greatest honor & Privilege to make this space available to our Beautiful Community, as we all lift each other up.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 💕